A Playmobile for the Children of Poison Gas Victims

Sometimes even small projects require huge administration efforts. As part of the joined WADI - Green Cross project to support the regions most affected by the 1988 poison gas attacks,  a playmobile was in the planning stage for a long time already. A remodeled bus should visit children in locations and villages and offer entertainment and the possibility to learn through playing where no playgrounds or other facilities are at hand.

Before the realization, many obstacles had to be overcome. First, a suitable bus had to be found. Then it had to be officially registrated as a vehicle for non-private passenger transportation. Even the motley painting required an official special permit which took considerable time. 

But in April we were through. The playmobile was ready to be filled with toys. A team was quickly arranged. Two yound women and a young man, social workers and nurses, are now on tour four times a week.

In addition to toys, the playmobile provides painting and crayoning materials, stationary, musical instruments, sports equipment, and a small children's library. As long as the bus is in the village, the children may use everything as they like. They may even borrow things and give them back next time the bus arrives. The professional staff is very eager to entertain and inspire the children by always offering something new.

The project aims on developing skills and abilities of these massively deprived kids by playing and having fun.

Experiences are constantly evaluated in order to optimize the service with regard to pedagogical and practical aspects. As a first result, carrying along a big awning turned out to be necessary because some locations are lacking of any shady trees under which children may stay.

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