Association for Crisis Assistance and Development Co-operation

The Emergency Response Fund

Sometimes, you wished to have direct and quick aid, without large bureaucratic efforts and considerable delays. Sometimes, you feel you could change a lot with limited means. 

Direct action can be very helpful in an emergency case which cannot be delayed. It can also arouse trust and confidence among people who have felt the world’s ignorance for a very long time. The Emergency Response Fund (ERF) project, supported by Green Cross, the Roselo-Foundation and Wadi, makes it possible.

The ERF is implemented through a committee of five people who decide about the proposals submitted by the villages. This committee consists of members of CHAK (“Center of Halabja against Anfalization and Genocide of the Kurds”), Wadi and the mobile teams. Its decisions are based on needs and transparency. 

The committee is visiting various places and discussing needs with the local population. The decision is made then with regard to the urgency of the project and the will of the community to participate.

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