Syrian disinformation about Christian persecution

08. April 2012, von aus dem Netz

Recent reports out of Syria have warned of the ethnic cleansing of 90 percent of the Christian population of Homs, the city that has been ravaged by the conflict between Assad’s forces and armed opposition groups since the uprising against the regime began in February last year. The responsibility for the mass killings and expulsions has been pinned on an armed opposition group known as the „Al-Faruq Brigade.“ (…)

Shortly after publishing the memo, Fides began backpedaling, in an attempt to mitigate the impact of the original report. Later, it released another report quoting the „Jesuits of Homs,“ who told the outlet that there were no cases to their knowledge of Christians being forced out of their homes by Islamists.

Homs happens to be around 30 kilometers from the border with Lebanon, which is home to a large and relatively powerful Christian community, making it a natural destination for Christian refugees – indeed, around 20,000 Iraqi Christians have found safety there since the 2003 invasion. Nevertheless, there has been no reported upsurge in Syrian Christian refugees to Lebanon in recent weeks. On March 8, the Christian Science Monitor reported a few thousand Syrian refugees fled to Lebanon – mostly Sunnis from the Bab Amr quarter of Homs.


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