Warum die Syrer alleine gelassen werden

02. März 2012, von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Josef Joffe erklärt in der New Republic, warum Assad weiter ungestört morden kann. Er hat, anders als Gaddafi, Alliierte. Eine Lektion, die in Zukunft jeder Diktator gelernt haben wird: wer sich mit dem Iran, China und Rußland gut stellt, hat nichts zu befürchten:

So the West will fume against Moscow and Beijing, pulling ambassadors out of Damascus and pushing for a third Security Council resolution that dilutes the two vetoed drafts. The Russians will dispatch emissaries to tell Assad … what? To make nice to the rebels? Assad’s allies in Tehran will counsel him to follow Ahmadinejad’s script in the “Green Revolution” of 2009: Don’t assault frontally, use force economically by encircling and asphyxiating your foes. A low-level war, like the terror campaign against the “Greens,” will slowly recede offstage. Meanwhile, Syrians will keep dying, the toll now exceeding 5,000.

But the West will not unleash its air forces. Libya was no precedent for Syria. Remember the rule: We bomb only where the campaign promises to be short, cheap and decisive. And where the target—like Qaddafi—has no allies. Assad does: Russia, China, and Iran.

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