Mehr Moderate

06. Dezember 2011, von aus dem Netz

Adli Sadeq, the Palestinian Authority Ambassador to India, told the official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida on Nov. 26, 2011: „[The Israelis] have a common mistake, or misconception by which they fool themselves, assuming that Fatah accepts them and recognizes the right of their state to exist, and that it is Hamas alone that loathes them and does not recognize the right of this state to exist. They ignore the fact that this state, based on a fabricated [Zionist] enterprise, never had any shred of a right to exist.“
„Hamas, Fatah and the others are not waging war against Israel right now for reasons related to balance of power. There are no two Palestinians who disagree over the fact that Israel exists, and recognition of it is restating the obvious, but recognition of its right to exist is something else, different from recognition of its [physical] existence.“


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