Islamist Voices in Egypt

05. Dezember 2011, von aus dem Netz

The deputy head of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood’s new political party, Essam el-Erian, said Saturday, „We want to apply the basics of Sharia law in a fair way that respects human rights and personal rights.“ „We respect all people in their choice of religion and life,“ he said. On its English-language Twitter account, the Brotherhood said that its priorities were to fix Egypt’s economy and improve the lives of ordinary Egyptians, „not to change (the) face of Egypt into (an) Islamic state.“ Quelle

Egypt’s ultra-conservative Islamist Salafis said they will not water down their views to ally with the more moderate Muslim Brotherhood. Salafi Nour party leader Emad Abdel Ghaffour made it clear he would not play second fiddle to the Brotherhood. Quelle

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