Setzt die türkische Armee chemische Waffen ein?

02. November 2011, von aus dem Netz

It has been confirmed that as many as 35 Kurdish guerrillas have lost their life in the operation carried out by the Turkish Armed Forces between 22-24 October. Twenty-four bodies are held at Malatya Forensic Institute’s morgue. Families and IHD officials who have seen the bodies have confirmed that they were torn to pieces and had burns all over, signs which indicates the use of some chemicals.

The Turkish Army is not new to the use of chemical weapons. Indeed in August this year the IHD Diyarbakir branch had published a detailed report on the use of chemical weapons.
According to that report 437 guerrillas have lost their lives in 39 separate operations carried out with chemical weapons by the Turkish army since 1994.


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