The impact of FGM on men

20. August 2010, von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

It is not only girls that suffer from the practice of circumcision, but the consequences extend to men too. A 25-year old youth who engaged with his sweetheart discovered only after four months that she has been circumcised, and that the procedure has been done incorrectly and extensively so that she has had significant damage to the area. Although the girl tried to hide the truth from her fiancé, he eventually became aware of it. The man said that he was looking forward to living a full and happy life like any other person with the person he chose to be his wife, but “if I abandon her then what about the love we shared, but then it is better to ruin my own life than hers. I will sacrifice myself so that she doesn’t feel disabled anymore, although I know thoughts about the issue will not abandon me and can resurface at any time. I am extremely exhausted mentally now, and I know this will go on for the rest of my life as I will always be thinking about the issue.”


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