FGM in Kurdistan: Obscure sources?

08. August 2010, von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Mr. Sarkawt Omar is the Director of the Institute for Combating Violence Against Women In Kurdistan. His job should be to defend women rights and fight all the injustice done to women in Iraqi-Kurdistan.

But it seems he follows a reverse agenda. Asked about FGM he recently answered in an interview:

In contrasted to the politically-affiliated activist groups, the Non-Governmental Organizations are usually sponsored by certain sources, and need projects in order to ensure continued financing. These NGOs sometimes bring up issues that are non-existent, such as the recent publication of some data on Female Genital Mutilation in Kurdistan by some organizations, which tarnished the reputation of this state. To me this was a great injustice to the people of Kurdistan, since it can’t be possible to extrapolate the data from 300-400 questionnaires and estimate a 73-83% rate of FGM in the region. How can a prevalence estimate be achieved from a questionnaire survey?

FGM is non existent? Which certain sources sponsored the research? Well, if Mr. Omar would have read the reserach done by Wadi – and he obviously didn’t – he by now would also know the extremly obscure sources financing it:

The Austrian Development Agency (ADA), the Swiss Caritas, the Dutch Foreign Ministry, Mama Cash (Netherlands), the Iraqi Civil Society Program (ICSP) and the City of Vienna.

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