Jinda Day Care Center for Yazidi Girls inaugurated in Iraqi-Kurdistan’s Dohuk

12. Juli 2015, von Administrator

Wadi Dohuk inaugurating the center

On July 9th the Jinda Day Care Center for Yazidi Girls was inaugurated in Dohuk. This Center serves as a social and psychological safe haven particularly for women who were forced into slavery by the IS, but were able to escape.

In Kurdish Jinda means ‘re-live’ and in this sense the organizers of the center aim to “give a new life” to all women and girls who are affected by the war.

The Jinda center run by WADI Dohuk and supported by UNICEF is  offering these women a space and a variety of classes such as computer, hairdressing, handicraft and language classes. Thus, women who feel ready, can acquire new skills they will need if they stay on in the cities of Iraqi Kurdistan where they have found refugee.

Currently Wadi is caring about 300 girls, who were abducted by ISIS and abused but managed to escape.

Representatives of UNICEF and the Dohuk Governorate were present during the inauguation as well as the Italian Consulate General. This project is funded by the Italian Government.

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  1. Marla sagt:

    Eine sehr schöne Gruppe und ein noch viel schöneres Foto. Die Initiative ist nicht nur wichtig sondern hilft auch den 300 Mädchen, die von den Schandtaten der IS gepeinigt wurden. Das macht mich richtig stolz :-) LG Marla

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