Excuse for Inaction

22. März 2015, von aus dem Netz

Scott Lucas in EA:

CIA Director John Brennan told the Council on Foreign Relations in New York on Friday, March 13 that the near-term collapse of Syria’s Assad regime raises “a legitimate concern” about the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) and other jihadist extremists capitalizing on it. (…)

The Brennan thesis is the latest version of an excuse for inaction. It would hold water were Assad and ISIS fighting one another instead of acting in tandem to erase Syrian nationalists fighting them both. It would be analytically sound if the regime—the family and its tight circle of enablers and enforcers—represented the totality of governance (actual and potential) in western Syria. It would be morally defensible in the absence of nonstop regime war crimes and crimes against humanity committed with the support of Iran and Russia.

The Assad regime has criminalized the entirety of Syria, including those parts of the country secured for it by foreign fighters imported by Iran. Were it to go down hard and fast it would not be opening an express lane for ISIS to enter Damascus. Yes: there could be confusion and even panic in some quarters. But to claim that those Syrians whose lives and fortunes have been bound, in the absence of a credible alternative, to the political survival of a single family would simply disappear upon the departure of the regime is to misunderstand Syria and Syrians. Unlike in Iraq, there is little popular support for ISIS in Syria. Syrians will fight and eventually eliminate the bogus caliphate. They will be much better able to do so when the Assad family and its ruling clique have abandoned politics and left Syria. If the Obama administration has no appetite for doing the kinds of things that would hasten that day, fine. It should, at the very least, refrain from volunteering the kinds of statements that sustain a regime whose survival tactics have literally put ISIS on the Syrian map.

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