No independency in sight

11. März 2015, von aus dem Netz

The KRG will not unilaterally declare independence. It will not invite conflict with hostile neighbors. A coordinated declaration of independence would require support from the United States and Turkey, which is not forthcoming. Negotiations with Baghdad involve complicated factors, including a division of oil, water, and other assets. Baghdad will not agree to Kurdistan’s independence under current conditions of duress or over Iran’s objection. At this stage, the KRG should focus on state-building. It should take steps to strengthen its democratic institutions, establish transparency over its energy sector, and combat corruption. Iraqi Kurdistan needs to act like a state, rather than behave as a tribe or militia.


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  1. Mohammed sagt:

    This certainly puts all the seltupacion on the BBs in perspective. For me it is now much easier to quantify the political risks and estimate the time frames to increasing valuations for GKP. This year for sure

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