Iran auf dem Vormarsch

11. März 2015, von aus dem Netz

For years, Iran preferred to work its goals behind the scenes by supplying missiles to Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Palestinian territories. With its armed forces opposing ISIS, however, Iran is out in the open, a “respectable” neighbor tackling the abuses and savagery of an extreme Sunni militia.

In Syria, Iranian Revolutionary Guard troops protect the Assad regime. In Lebanon, Iranian troops resist any effort to oust Hezbollah control. And in Yemen, the Houthis have been supported from the outset by the Quds Force. There is little doubt Iranian militia groups are working across borders providing training, reinforcements, and logistical assistance. (…)

It is ironic that President Barack Obama received his Nobel Prize in part for his opposition to nuclear weapons. Yet, it is precisely the policies that he has pursued that have brought the region to the brink of nuclear proliferation. History does have a sense of humor, arguably a tragic sense at that.

And, while the Dark Empire of Iran is in the ascendency, American interests in the area are in decline. Here again irony strikes. As a nation, the U.S. did all it could to thwart Iranian goals, now the arc has changed as the Obama administration supports and encourages Iran’s interest. Yes, the Iran Empire strikes, and the U.S. is in the background nodding approvingly.


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