Iranische Frauen protestieren gegen Claudia Roth

26. Januar 2015, von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Beruehmt und bekannt ist inzwischen die iranische Kampagne “My Steathy Freedom“. Auf Facebook praesentieren sich dort trotz aller Repression Iranerinnen ohne Kopftuch und erklaeren, welche Freiheit es fuer sie bedeutet, ihre Haare frei zu tragen.

Und diese Kampagne nun protestiert gegen Claudia Roths Auftritte bei Holocaustleugnern und Botschaftsbesetzerinnen, immer brav mit Kopftuch, das sie so selbstverstaendlich traegt wie ihre Begleiterin von der CSU:

An Appeal to the female vice-president of the German Parliament and all female politicians:

These days Tehran has been hosting ?European politicians and parliamentarians. Here are some of the photos of the recent visit of Claudia Roth, the vice-president of the German Parliament, accompanied by the Foreign minister and First Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia, Vesna Pusi?.

As a community of women from this website [My Stealthy Freedoms], we would like to announce that we are happy that Iran maintains friendly relations with European nations. However, we are requesting the attention of every single one of those female politicians travelling to Iran: Please talk to our rulers with regards to the compulsory hijab that you yourselves had to wear as well during your recent visit. Is it really too much to ask of you to talk to our rulers with respect to this compulsory hijab that Iranian women have been forced to wear and then to report to us on the reactions of the government officials?

Dear Claudia Roth and dear Vesna Pusi?,

I’d like to address you and every single non-Iranian female politician visiting Iran – we have a simple request: When the officials of our country travel to your countries, they want you to respect their Islamic values. They conveniently avoid attending the receptions that you organise on the pretext that alcohol is being served. If that is the case, why don’t you ask them to respect our human values, which is the freedom to choice?

If you are assuming that compulsory hijab is the law in Iran, then do you know that the officials of our country are not even willing to comply with the compulsory rules of some of the Western embassies situated in Iran? One of these rules is the idea of submitting a photo without hijab for women when they apply for a visa. Although obligation has been made by the embassies of Western governments in Iran with a view to properly identifying female visa applicants, the Iranian government bans women from submitting photos without hijab to Western embassies.

Did you hear that recently there was a demonstration that took place in front of the French Embassy in Iran with regards to the French Government’s aforementioned policy of issuing visas to female visitors? The demonstrators were protesting against the fact that the French government had such a requirement from female Iranian visa applicants. Can you see that this kind of protest (i.e., when you protest in support of hijab) is free and not repressed by the government of Iran? Then, why don’t you protest against the law that obliges you to wear the hijab during your official visit?

Dear female politicians travelling to Iran:

For more than than thirty years our questions have been censored in Iran’s national media outlets. For more than thirty years it has been forbidden even for journalists and reporters to broach the questions with regards to hijab. However, you must have heard from the various media outlets of your own countries about the Facebook page called “My Stealthy Freedoms” and you must have found out that many women in Iran are overtly protesting against the compulsory hijab in Iran. Many women in Iran want their voices to be heard by the government officials of their own country. These are women who should be entitled to the freedom of choice when it comes to deciding what to wear and they do not want this right to remain stealthy for the rest of their lives.

We are pleading with you to bring up this subject during your conversations with the Iranian officials. Please ask them the following question: Can you hear the voices of dissent from Iranian women who do not want their freedom to be stealthy?

Please also ask them how long more Iranian women will be obliged to wear the compulsory hijab and how long more Iran will convince every single female politician like you travelling to this country to wear the hijab. Please also ask them, wouldn’t they [the Iranian officials] protest if in countries like Germany, France, Italy, Croatia, Spain, and many other countries where the rule of law reigns, women were stripped of the right to wear the hijab? Please do not respond by saying that one should not interfere in another country’s law, because if you came up with a law forbidding women to wear the hijab, Iran would be the first country to interfere with regards to this law. If we keep silent in the face of unfair laws, then slavery, which also used to be a law, would still be with us.

Please bring the voices of this web page to the attention of Iranian leaders and please talk about us. We will be very grateful.


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