Die nächsten Hunderdtausend Flüchtlinge

13. Oktober 2014, von aus dem Netz

Fighting in Iraq’s western Anbar province has forced up to 180,000 people to flee since Islamic State (IS) fighters took over the city of Hit earlier this month, the United Nations said.

The IS militants extended their advance to an abandoned Iraqi army base eight kilometres west of Hit on Monday, members of a government-backed Sunni militia said.

In recent weeks, IS fighters have been on the offensive in the desert province of Anbar which borders Syria.

They took the town of Hit on October 2 and nearby Kubaisa two days later.

The advance in Anbar has raised concerns in the West because the area is close to the Iraqi capital Baghdad and it demonstrates the group’s reach.

IS fighters are also on the verge of taking the strategic town of Kobane, hundreds of kilometres away in northern Syria, on the border with Turkey.


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  1. Raj sagt:

    that we have met 2 of the 7 remaining sucerity benchmarks and 1 of the 8 remaining political ones.Comptroller General David Walker, who heads the GAO, told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday that the least progress has been made on the political front. Fifteen of 37 cabinet ministers have withdrawn support for the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, and serious problems remain in other ministries, Walker said. Given the fact that significant progress has not been made in improving the living conditions of the Iraqis on a day-to-day basis with regard to things that all citizens care about safe streets, clean water, reliable electricity, a variety of other basic things, he concluded, I think you’d have to say it’s dysfunctional the government is dysfunctional. Why you think some guy, who from a quick google search appears to be a bit out there, to say the least, has more credibility on the big picture in Iraq than, e.g., the U.S. Government Accountability Office is beyond me.

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