Women fear genital mutilation from ISIS

02. September 2014, von Arvid Vormann

Excerpt from a report prepared by a Wadi mobile team operating in Garmyan (southern border area of the Kurdish Region):

In Garmyan district in Rzgary, the team explained the law and talked about FGM. One of the participants asked to help the team voluntarily in order to eradicate FGM in all the neighboring and far villages. In Rzgary, women know a lot about the side effects of FGM and about the law. They said that FGM is not practiced anymore and they were so glad about it. They knew what they have done to their daughters . A woman started weeping and said, „I know I am guilty and my daughter will never be happy with her life and especially her family“.
Women are so afraid in Kalar because of ISIS. They are frustrated after learning that ISIS tries to mutilate all the women and girls in any place under their control. However, some others are trying to mutilate themselves, so that when ISIS attacks they do not need to go through that procedure again. The team in Garmyan is doing whatever is possible to convince them that the situation is safe and mutilation is not a solution to change the situation.

Women in this area know a lot about the negative consequences of female genital mutilation (FGM) and FGM rates have dropped sharply because for many years Wadi has raised awareness there.

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