Yazidi fates

16. August 2014, von Arvid Vormann

There are so many stories to tell in this Jihadist nightmare unfolding on the fringes of Iraqi Kurdistan. These are just some fates we learned about in and around Khanki Camp near Duhok.

Hundreds of children like her were taken by IS as slaves. She just survived by chance, her father said.

10 days ago the sister of this lady committed suicide because IS terrorists tried to rape her. Today she joined WADI and Aland team to help the refugees. The situation is unbearable for thousands of girls, women and children.

This family told us they were already waiting for three days in the shadow of a building near the camp, hoping to receive a tent by UN or government.

She was born 2 days ago. Her mother was pregnant when she crossed Shangal mountain. In Khanki Camp for the Yazidi people there is no service from the government or the UN. The supply situation is difficult.

Very sweet kids in a very terrible situation in Khanki Camp near Duhok / Iraqi Kurdistan.

Please make sure we can help at least some of these poor and innocent people.
Please donate for the refugees in Kurdish Northern Iraq!

Reference: “Emergency aid”
Account number: 612 305 602
Bank: Postbank Frankfurt
BLZ: 500 100 60
IBAN: DE43500100600612305602?


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