No one cares

16. Juli 2014, von aus dem Netz

The caliphate that they declared so recently has just got a lot bigger. And rather amazingly, the world hasn’t paid much attention, because of Gaza. They have attacked towards Deir ez-Zor, which is a big province with a lot of oil wells in eastern Syria. They probably hold about 98 percent of it now. There’s a bit of the capital city which is held by the Assad government, but otherwise they’ve routed the opposition, Syrian opposition, Assad, from themselves. And they’ve also launched another offensive towards one of the Kurdish enclaves right up on the Turkish border—there are about half a million people there—to Kobani. They’re using—I was talking to people in the enclave yesterday, and the ISIS have about 5,000 fighters there, but they’ve also got tanks and artillery that they captured in Iraq. They’re driving around in American Humvees, also captured. And they’re putting a lot of pressure on. So they’re really taking the whole sort of eastern side of Syria, to the east of the city of Aleppo. And they probably will advance towards that in the future. But it’s a major success for them, following their takeover of Mosul and northern and western Iraq, and rather surprisingly, given publicity after the fall of Mosul, that this really hasn’t gathered much attention in the rest of the region or in Europe or America.


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  1. Mateus sagt:

    Russia has planted istelf at the center of both messes. It built the nuclear reactor in Iran with the silly pretense that Iran would only get its enriched uranium through them. Iran supposedly wouldn’t have the ability to enrich uranium on its own. And, now we see that Russia has no qualms with what is going on in Syria. Of course, we can all argue these are free countries, able to negotiate their own deals whether the UN likes it or not. We should all hear Bashar’s arguments as to the reasons for the ongoing violence, as lame as they appear to be. Russia obviously is giving him an ear, as it wants desperately to be seen as a power broker. Remember when it tried to step into the breach in the Israel-Palestine dispute by inviting the new Hamas government to Moscow.They have the silver-tongued Lavrov to try to iron out disputes in the UN, citing chapter and verse of the UN covenant to support Russia’s positions. Of course, he comes out much more polished and refined than have the oafs the US has had as UN ambassadors. The most notorious recent example being John Bolton.Yet, we see classical confrontational world diplomacy taking place, not much unlike the Cold War. But, rather than proxy wars we see proxy diplomacy, often aided with arms shipments and other forms of financial support to bolster our respective positions around the globe.But, I would say putting nuclear capabilities in the hands of the Iranian government, had to be one of the most stupid decisions the Russian government has made.

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