19. April 2014, von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Die UN hilft  bedürftigen Menschen in Syrien, vorausgesetzt sie leben in Gebieten, die vom Regime kontrolliert werden, denn das ist der Partner der UN. Wer unter Hungerblockade des Regimes leidet, hat eben Pech gehabt. Statt Nahrung gibt’s dann Giftgas, barrel bombs und täglichen Attilleriebeschuss. Und das mit voller Duldung, ja Unterstützung der sogenannten “Friends of Syria“-Gruppe, der auch die BRD und die USA angehören:

The UN continues to give the Assad regime complete control of all aid distribution, fully aware that, except for token quantities delivered to some areas in calculated regime PR exercises, none of the aid is going to people being deliberately starved to death by the regime.
The Western ‘Friends of Syria’ governments – three of which (the US, Britain and France) are permeanent UNSC members – who are fully cognisant and supportive of this UN policy, continue to give it their tacit approval, issuing no condemnation of the Assad regime’s ongoing deliberate mass starvation of much of the Syrian population.

With the silent complicity of the rest of the ‘international community,’ Assad, Iran and Russia continue to withhold food, medicine, fuel and all forms of humanitarian aid to areas outside the regime’s control – most of Syria – as well as cutting off supplies of water, electricity and all utilities.

These areas are also subjected to daily relentless aerial and ground carpet bombing, with Assad’s forces regularly regularly using ballistic, air-to-surface and surface-to-surface missiles, poison gas, white phosphorous and cluster bombs, again with no complaint from the international community and hardly any coverage by the world’s media.

This policy of collective punishment of a civilian population, which is strictly illegal under international law, is being implemented with full international support, with the victim being lambasted as “terrorists.”

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