Polling for the constitution referendum

14. Januar 2014, von aus dem Netz

From the Al Ahram Live Blog:

Sherif Taher of the liberal Wafd Partysays the percentage of voters endorsing the constitution is not the crucial thing — a big turnout is of the utmost importance to give the charter undisputed legitimacy.

„There is no doubt the ‚yes‘ vote will exceed 90 percent, this is no concern, given that the Muslim Brotherhood has decided to boycott the poll,“ he tells Ahram Online. „What really matters now is that we see a high turnout.“

„I am afraid the media keeps saying the numbers are huge, which could make other people not bother to cast their ballots. They should start urging people to go, it doesn’t matter what their votes are, but they have to go.“

„If, for instance, the turnout does not exceed 30 percent, that would mean the public has more or less rejected the constitution. But on the contrary, if the turnout is 60 or 70 percent, that will strengthen the status of the constitution.“

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