Are they going to legalize FGM in Malaysia?

11. Dezember 2012, von Administrator

In Malaysia up to 90% of women and girls are victim of Female Genital Mutilation. It seems now the Government ist trying to legalize this practice, because it is seen as a Islamic religious obligation. (Just for the record: Any UN agency would have told you just a couple of years ago that FGM is an African phenomen and not related to religion at all):

According to the results of a university survey the practice is widespread, with more than 90 per cent of Malay Muslim female respondents reporting they have been circumcised.

Azrul Mohamad Khalib told Radio Australia’s Connect Asia: „It certainly is a surprising figure, really. The study involves more than 1,000 female respondents and when we look at it, around 90 per cent or so are Malay Muslims.“ (…)

He said that to have anecdotal evidence „captured“ in the study is really „both surprising and a little bit disappointing“.

What about the suggestion that the health ministry may be about to register the practice?

He said: „One of the things I find quite alarming with regards to this development is that the Ministry of Health is actually depending on a fatwa, a religious opinion that was actually issued by the national fatwa council, in which they made it obligatory, or ‚wajib‘, for all Muslim women to be circumcised.

„It seems that the Ministry of Health is now (instituting) that fatwa.

„So, in contrary to quite a number of best practices as well as a WHO (World Health Organisation) advisory, the Ministry of Health is taking steps now to sort of make it standardised, or medicalised, in such a way that it might be applied to all public health-care facilities.“

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