26. November 2012, von aus dem Netz

What people don’t get about the declaration is this: it literally empowers the president to do anything he damn pleases. It’s not simply about shaping the government institutions to his whimsy, but will also move to the private sector and syndicates, the latter for which he issued a new syndicates law yesterday that will remove all the elected heads of the syndicates and have him appoint them.

Morsy can now strip people of their citizenships or hand it out to others, try them in “special courts” for vague charges, shut down private enterprises or media outlets or seize them, reshape our judiciary branches and their roles singlehandedly, and even change your last name, and no one will be able to legally question or stop his decision.

Granting yourself this level of power is so in the essence of fascism that president Morsy’s new nickname is Morsilini.  It’s as if he is stating that while the old regime was autocratic, dictatorial and secular, thankfully the revolution happened and we are no longer secular.

Even the old regime couldn’t just do what Morsy is doing, because it always had to play the part of being a state. When Mubarak wanted to change the constitution for his liking, new amendments had to be discussed in parliament, and then a referendum had to be had over them. Even the SCAF had to have a referendum in order to grant themselves such powers. Morsy didn’t even do that and now we are experiencing street warfare all over the country. And the sad part is, it didn’t have to be this way.


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